Friday, September 7, 2012

Why hello there

Welcome to Neighbors About Town. Maybe you want to know a little something about me and what’s in store for this blog.

My name is Kris (call me Neighbor Chick) and I am the author of Neighbors About Town. 

I’ve been a full-time working mother while attending college, I’ve been a stay-at-home mother and I’ve been a work-at-home mother. 

I totally understand mommy guilt and I do not claim to have the answer for this season of womanhood. Let's share survival techniques!

From the depths of my core, I feel women should be much, much nicer to one another.

I love to write and play guitar. I also use synesthesia to create art (more about that another time). 

Frugality is very important to me and I love to try new ways to save.

I chose the name Neighbors About Town because I like to think of us as neighbors bumping into each other while out and about in the town square.

As in:

“Why hello! Fancy meeting you here. Did you try Millicent’s chicken recipe? Well, I’m off to art class, but I simply must preserve the last of those peppers this afternoon. Hope to see you at the luncheon Saturday.”

Like that.

This blog is new, but Neighbors About Town is actually eight years old. It began as a project in 2004 as a way to promote local community and provide myself a creative outlet. I personally welcomed new residents and hosted socials. I sent "happy notes" to residents congratulating them on their achievements. My husband and I created local newsletters and websites*. Neighbors About Town was also a newsprint newspaper.

While the project was satisfying, factors such as fuel consumption and killing trees for newsprint weighed heavily on my conscience. A different approach was needed.

With this blog, Neighbors About Town survives!

Near or far, we're neighbors, we are...

I hope you enjoy this blog, neighbor!

*I may dip into our website,, for photos and such, so please don't think I'm lifting someone else's stuff. :-)