daycare menus & more

Here is a listing of the menus I used when I had a daycare. You can see I tried to make use of leftovers as much as possible. Sometimes I would cook extra for my family's supper to use for the next day's daycare lunch.  

Please remember to gather information on children's allergies. It is wise to eliminate the allergen from the menu completely, as opposed to just restricting the allergic child. You know how toddlers love to share...and sometimes they throw food all over the place just for the heck of it. :)  It's better to avoid any possibility of a troublesome food getting into the wrong mouth!! 

Also--always serve small, small pieces of food to little ones. It's best to err on the side of caution. I would find that the parents often served larger pieces than I ever dared. Just be super careful! The cheese I served was shredded, not in cubes. 

Hope you find these menus useful!

Daycare Menu 1
Daycare Menu 2
Daycare Menu 3 
Daycare Menu 4
Daycare Menu 5
Daycare Menu 6
Daycare Menu 7
Daycare Menu 8

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