Monday, March 17, 2014

Backwards birthday wrap from a backwards girl

I've always been a bit backwards. 

So I was thinking: why not go all the way and make it a lifestyle? I could back up my existence in honor of economy, health, and the environment. 

I don't think this is making any sense. I'll try again.

It's like this:
I order spaghetti at a restaurant.
Back that up to...
Make spaghetti at home with a box of pasta and jar of sauce.
Back that up to...
Make homemade spaghetti sauce using canned tomatoes.
Back that up to...
Grow tomatoes and then make sauce.

Get it?

It's not that I want to make life complicated. I like the thought of being able to make
my own sauce, but that's not because I want to. I would much rather grab it at the store.

The reason I intend to make my own sauce is to be sure I know HOW to make it (and bread and jelly and soap). It's an investment for an unknown future.

What if food prices rise--even more so than now? What if we lose our jobs and need to penny pinch any way we can? What if our food supply gets contaminated? I want the peace of mind in knowing I can implement alternative methods if necessary.

Here's some backwards birthday wrap (from a previous post):

Went to a birthday party last weekend. This was the gift we took. 

Did you guess the wrapping was a deflated helium balloon?

It's so sad when party decorations lose their passion.

I tried tossing them in the air, but they always drifted down again. 

Fortunately, these balloons got a second chance at life.

Sherlock knew what I had in mind. 

I cut open one side of the balloon. It could be used as a gift bag at this point.

I kept snipping, though, to use it as traditional wrapping paper. I like the way the material gave me a natural angle. I was able to fashion an envelope-look on the back.

Comfy in there, Sherlock?

A backwards lifestyle. Are you with me?
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