Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Daycare Menu 6

Daycare Menu 6

Breakfast: apple cinnamon Cheerios and oranges
Snack: yogurt
Lunch: ham and cheese sandwich, green beans, and peaches
Snack: graham crackers and pears

Breakfast: bagels with peach preserves
Snack: peas and cheese
Lunch: hot dogs (small pieces!), potatoes, and pears
Snack: animal crackers and peaches

Breakfast: cornbread and applesauce
Snack: cheese cracker whales and banana
Lunch: chicken and veggie lo-mein with egg rolls and apricots
Snack: pudding

Breakfast: roll and apricots
Snack: Fruit Loops and banana
Lunch: beefy macaroni, corn, and applesauce
Snack: graham crackers and peas

Breakfast: apple cereal bars
Snack: oyster crackers and fruit
Lunch: baked ziti, peas, and fruit
Snack: pink fluff (cottage cheese, jell-o packet and whipped cream)

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