Thursday, January 8, 2009

Daycare Menu 8

Daycare Menu 8

Breakfast: English muffins and bananas
Snack: oyster crackers and peaches
Lunch: cheese pizza, peas, and applesauce
Snack: graham crackers

Breakfast: hard boiled egg and peaches
Snack: animal crackers and pears
Lunch: chicken bowls: chicken, potatoes, corn, cheese, and bread
Snack: blueberry/apple smoothies

Breakfast: toast and Mandarin oranges
Snack: ham and peas
Lunch: quesadillas, carrots, and pears (afterthought: quesadillas weren't a good the stove too much with my back to the babies)
Snack: vanilla pudding

Breakfast: fruit and grain bars
Snack: cheese cracker sharks and apricots
Lunch: beef and veggie soup, bread, and pineapple pieces
Snack: graham crackers and applesauce

Breakfast: Cheerios and bananas
Snack: peas and cheese
Lunch: chicken fried rice with veggies and pineapples
Snack: cheese crackers and applesauce

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