Monday, October 29, 2012

Necessity is a mother (of invention)

Perhaps you dashed from the house this morning, running a little late. 

Same here.

If the car wasn't sleeping in a toasty garage, you were probably faced with annoying snowflake-shaped frost stuck on the windshield. Everybody knows frost laughs at windshield wipers and is more frustrating to remove than day-old chili queso.

Ice scraper in the car? Surely you jest. That's like keeping sun block in the beach bag or batteries in the flashlight.

Not everyone was a Boy Scout.

Anyway, it was one of those mornings when time wasn't on my side. And then...I had to endure a taunting from sarcastic windshield frost.

You know what works well in a scraping emergency? 

A box of gum. 

Not the gum...just the box part. Resourcefulness struck back at frost and a ticking clock to boot.

Soon a dusting of frost will seem like a polite acquaintance. It's almost time to scrape packed snow and ice from the car. 

Yes, this year I'll think ahead.

Where's an old CD case?

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