Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Bad English

I don't want this blog to be huffy or terribly negative, but I just can't ignore this.

See a portion of my daughter's HIGH SCHOOL ENGLISH homework in the photo above.

I am not a spelling or grammar snob.

Typos? I undersnad. :)
Abbreviations in text messages? Gr8!
Bending grammar rules to favor rhythm or point making? Fun.
English offenses from an instructor in a subject other than English? OK, I guess.

Apparently, my daughter's English teacher has no grasp on spelling and grammar. In addition, it appears she doesn't recognize troublemaker words such as affect/effect and is/are; because that skill would have prompted her to proofread and make corrections.

This situation may be part of a cycle of English abuse, a glaring consequence of this instructor's own educational experience. Perhaps she is a victim of bad English teachers.

I am often an enabler but even I say, "An English abuser should not teach English!"

Many people move to this neighborhood (in the Midwest) for the top-rated schools. The district is highly regarded.

I realize we all make mistakes, but this is basic stuff. Basic ENGLISH stuff.

In an English class, it's unacceptable.

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