Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Meet Kitty Baby

Hello Kitty Baby!

Baby has been a part of our family for 11 years. He was probably a couple years old when we adopted him from the shelter. 

Guess he's not a baby anymore!

You wouldn't know how spoiled he is because he always seems so put-upon. One would think he buys the kitty food and cleans the litter box. 

If the food bowl isn't filled or the litter box smells, he will run me down to lead me to the problem.

So, there IS much responsibility in overseeing these chores, of course.

Kitty Baby suffers through life cohabiting with two beagles. You think you have problems?

For such a grouch, Baby is always in the mood for a cuddle.

Meow, Kitty Baby!

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  1. Hello Kitty Baby (they are always our babies, no matter the age!) and welcome to your first Feline Friday - we hope to see you every Friday!

  2. Thanks Sarah! Looking forward to feline fun!