Sunday, December 23, 2012

Need a break from holiday preps?

You look worn out. Let's take a sit and catch some breaths.

Here's a goofy tidbit sponsored by sugar and adrenaline:


Does that graphic look like Waldo or what?

(Waldo enters the catwalk)

Runway announcer voice:

"And here we have Waldo sporting his holiday look for 2012. A traditional red cap and candy cane juxtapose against this year's brown boots of four buckles each. 

A green jumpsuit peeks through a belted brown overcoat with mustard-colored accents. 

And won't Waldo's dinner date be thrilled to find some of those gifts addressed to her? 

Let your eyes feast on the tall, dark Waldo, ladies. 

Thank you very much, Waldo."

(Waldo exits the catwalk)

You know how some things are funny when you are really, really tired?

This might apply here.

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