Monday, January 7, 2013

Hang in there, budddeeee

During the holiday chaos, I neglected someone very special.

Green pepper plant was born a few years ago from seed. He was destined for a life in the garden. Other starters made their way outside, but this guy? Well, we became attached to him.

He's charismatic.

He offers teeny-tiny green peppers every once in a while. I know it's the best he can do. He tries so hard.

Recently, I've become concerned about his health.

It all started after Thanksgiving.

"Hey Christmas tree, you're standing in my light," green pepper plant said (trying to sound intimidating by using his "Joe Pesci" voice).

Did Christmas tree inquire about being moved? No, because Christmas tree and green pepper plant aren't friendly to one another--not since last Christmas when green pepper donned twinkly lights and Christmas tree was all,

"You're such a poser, green pepper plant."


Because of all the holiday hoopla, green pepper plant was forgotten in a dark corner. I believe I heard him wheezing faintly. He can be overly-dramatic sometimes, but on closer inspection I realized a rescue truly was in order.

Oh no, green pepper plant!! 

"Hang in there budddeeee," I said like Pauly Shore. 

Green pepper always liked Pauly Shore.

The patient was immediately taken to a sunny window where he has been receiving scheduled guilt waterings. Some of his leaves turned crunchy and had to be snipped--falling sadly in slow motion, and they remain on his the spirit of compost.

And hope.
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  1. Very cute! Hopefully the next one will thrive! Don't forget to join us tomorrow for Foodie Friends Friday!

  2. Poor little plant! I often end up killing the plants in my home, I must admit - oops!

    I recognise the guilt watering for sure :)

    Sarah @ A Cat-Like Curiosity

  3. Lois--Thanks! I'm back in the swing of linky parties now that the holidays have settled down. See you on FFF!!

    Sarah--I know what you mean. I do really well keeping up with plants for a short while and then eventually I forget about them. Always happens.