Thursday, April 25, 2013

Photos of me? I'm scared!

Darn you social media gurus who say to use REAL photos of ourselves on our profiles!!

In an attempt to put a "decent" picture of myself on this blog, I went on a photo shoot with Mr. Cool.

I HATED the whole process.

And Mr. Cool kept saying, "Work it. Work it." What was that all about?

I call the above photo, "Candlelight Vigil" but it could also pass as "Ghost Story with Flashlight."

I thought I'd look better under the cover of darkness. Plus I had to do something about that pesky double chin.

Then I got my laser out and zapped away. Double chin be-gone!

Who walks around with a blast of light under their chin? Totally unrealistic.

If I owned a speakeasy, it would have one of those sliding windows on the door at eye level. This is what I would look like asking, "What's the password?"

Stop laughing, Mr. Cool. 

You're not being a very encouraging photography beagle!

The bright side? It's over and I have a photo on my sidebar now.

I didn't want to look too old or too stuffy or too double-chinny. 

Whatever. At a certain point you just gotta say, "That'll do."

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