Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Ladybug mug, ladybug mug

The summers I spent as a pre-teen at my aunt’s house will forever be snuggled in my memory. We did exciting, empowering things I never did at home. We would move furniture--just for the heck of it. We would eat lunch meat straight from the package, sort books and pick strawberries.

Whatever Aunt Susan had going on was sure to be giggle-infested and always interesting.

As we were having flavored hot tea for breakfast, my aunt asked me which mug I would like to use for my flavored hot tea. I spotted a mug sporting orderly rows of blue ladybugs.

I had never seen blue ladybugs. Are there such things? I still don’t know. At Susan’s house, though, finding magical blue ladybugs adorning a cup were just one of many surprises.

“Oh, you can keep that if you want," she said, recognizing my enthusiasm for the wacky cup. 

Of course I wanted it!

I still treasure that crazy ladybug mug and use it regularly. I would be heartbroken if it cracked but I’m careful.

You know, she might not even remember giving it to me. It’s one of those memories which means so much to one person while fading quickly from another’s recollection.

I’ll have to ask her one day if she remembers sharing flavored hot tea while her niece sipped from the most awesome mug ever.

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