Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Playing house or um, camping

Recently, my husband and I took a walk in a local park which offers camping. 

The views were breathtaking and the walking trails exhilarating; but the cabins were most intriguing.  I think every little girl or grown-up little girl will find something magical in these teeny “homes.”

As we peeked inside one of the structures, my husband probably thought something along the lines of: “Electricity for laptop. Bring hot dogs.”

This is what I thought…

“Wouldn’t a vase of daisies on the dining room table be lovely? Oh, let’s sew window curtains in a fabric of pink and green and, of course, stitch bed quilts to match! We will sit in rocking chairs on the front porch and that’s where we will knit and sing.”

“We will roll out pie crust and then bake our masterpiece over coals outside. After chasing kitty from the windowsill, we will place our pie there instead. Fresh air will dance with delicious aroma, filling the room with a homey scent.”

“Our kitty will be calico and her name shall be Pinky. She will be adorned with a hot pink collar studded with diamonds--and she will sleep with us.”

“If any extra boys want to play, they can be the dogs. If they don’t like being dogs, then they can just go home.”

The daydream ended as we headed back to the car.  Real-life kitchens, laundry and pets aren’t nearly as much fun to contemplate as the possibilities found in these playhouses.

Yes, these playhouses happen to be located in the woods and, no, they do not have bathrooms or running water; so using them is, technically, camping.

But, isn’t it way more fun to pretend?

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