Monday, June 10, 2013

Kitchen communication center

"Mom, what's to eat?"

Ah, the theme song to my life.

This menu board hangs in a prominent spot in our kitchen. I could list upcoming meals on it for all the family to see. Doing so just might give me some peace and tranquility. I would probably end up in a bubble bath surrounded by candles.

However, I'm fond of self-sabotage. So instead of using this board to communicate, I drew a cat on it. Made sense at the time.

I call this piece: Wet Scrappy Cat, because I thought kitty looked like he had been in a scuffle. My oldest thought he looked wet.

A few days after that, the kids were talking about the word, February. They were having the most fun trying to say both r's and then trying to say it the way they usually say it; but after repeating it so many times, no one could remember how they pronounced it in the first place. At some point, someone wrote "February" on the communication center. I don't know why there is an arrow.

Anyway, so this is the family menu board.

I don't have a clue what's for supper.


  1. Lol! Kitty does look wet!
    My stepmom has a communication board in her kitchen too for her two little ones.

    1. Ha! There is just something about a chalk board or dry erase board that compels you to draw on spite of supper. :) Have a lovely day, Trish!