Saturday, June 15, 2013

Little Weirdo is happy

I keep up with Mr. Cool and Kitty Baby on this blog all the time.

I figure you must be wondering about the Little Weirdo. You might be thinking he went off to Montana or North Dakota in search of work in the oil industry or perhaps he got accepted on one of those cooking contest shows where they yell at each other for an hour straight.

Nah. He's still here. He's just happy. Very happy.

I'll tell you something. It's almost impossible to get a photo of such a happy guy. The pictures turn out like the one above.

Mr. Cool and Kitty Baby barely move. They would make perfect models for getting their portraits painted. Maybe I should call the college and see if they need any nudes to pose for art class. Mr. Cool and Kitty Baby aren't modest.

Anyway, the Little Weirdo is fine. Just happy.

Oh so happy.
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  1. Even blurry, the Weirdo is super cute. :)

    1. Thanks...he sure is. He can be a cuddle bug when he slows down for a minute. Have a great day!