Saturday, June 22, 2013

Top o' the hutch to ya

I see impressive decor vignettes on blogs all the time. 

Here's mine.

My style technique: red things go on top of the hutch.

The tour from left to right:
Peppermint candy tin. 
Wind-up robot I found in a box of my husband's stuff.
Girl doll and boy doll. They are having money issues.
Cookie jar. The family argues whether it's a tomato or apple. I say apple.
Egg beater with a red handle. You can't really see the handle.
Pasta maker.
Junior cookbook.

If you look closely, you'll see that the girl and boy dolls are NOT looking at each other. Like in any relationship, there are ups and downs. They're a couple of good kids. We would all like to see it work out for them.

Things are looking up. They are almost holding hands!


Even if a home isn't magazine quality, isn't it fun to see how neighbors decorate?

Have a lovely day!

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