Thursday, November 28, 2013

The saga continues this season

So many people think I sell Christmas trees. Such an odd thing to think of someone, right?

The following is from last year's post about it...

This time of year, our phone rings off the hook. Why?

People think I sell Christmas trees.

Why would they think such a thing? Well, there is a simple explanation.

Many years ago (2007, I looked it up), I wrote an article for a local tree farm. I visited the farm and had such a great time. The owners were oh-so-nice and taught me a lot about varieties of trees as we walked their acreage. Of course, I said awesome things about them in my article. 

They liked that I said awesome things about them so much they put a blurb on their home page along with my name and phone number at the bottom. When people go to their website they just glance and see my number. Then my phone rings.

Mostly callers want to know if I'm open on Thanksgiving. Or Sundays. Or what time I close.

I could call the tree farm people and ask them to remove my phone number. I think I already did that a while back. 

But that's OK.

I like it when people call me.

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