Thursday, October 25, 2012

Library fines...let's do the math

I have two library books due today, but I think I'll return them tomorrow.


Because I don't need to drive by the the library today.

"Oh no," you say. "You'll get FINES!"

Yes, I will. Twenty cents. Ten cents per book per day late.

I don't want to pay the 20 cents, but in this case it does make sense. 

Here's how:

Gas is about $3.50/gallon. My little car gets 28 mpg. That means I can go about 28 miles for $3.50. 

The library is three and a half miles from my home. 

Therefore, I would be spending 44 cents in gas to pay my 20 cent fine. The round trip would total 88 cents, of course.

Library fines. 

I feel so rascally.

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