Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Soldier on, Thanksgiving preparers!

This drool-worthy vintage ice box is at the apple picking farm's little market.
Today, the day before Thanksgiving, I'm thankful for modern fridges!

If you are cooking like a whirling dervish today, I'm twirling alongside you in spirit.

Thanksgiving Eve begins with glorious hums of "Over the River and Through the Woods."

As the day progresses, a new song is composed: "Holidays Shouldn't be This Much Work."

The evening gets darker as does mood. A screamo rendition of "You People Never Appreciate Me" breaks out.

I hear ya.

Here's what's on my Thanksgiving Eve list today:

Make a pumpkin pie
Make a pecan pie
Make Jell-O
Peel and chop potatoes for tomorrow's mashed potatoes
Store potatoes in cold water with a bit of lemon juice
Cut apples for tomorrow's apple crisp
Store apples in solution of half lemon juice and half water
Prepare ham glaze for tomorrow
Clean little fridge

Chill wine
Freeze extra pumpkin puree
Wash light load
Wash dark load 
Wash dish towels
Put laundry away
Tidy the house so it actually looks festive
Find something easy for supper
  (Current sandwich plans are being met with violent opposition)

I'm sure your to-do list is similar.

For those hosting dinner tomorrow, you are in my thoughts. 

Soldier on, Thanksgiving preparers!!

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