Tuesday, December 4, 2012

My kitchen on Saturday

Christmas music was blaring when the crafting bug attacked. Besides, the kitchen Christmas tree was incredibly homely and needed a rescue makeover.

After having fallen on the basement floor, decorations and all, the tree was smashed and lopsided. We've been stepping over it for months.

Yet, we propped it up "as is" in the kitchen. I was tired of looking at it. Ashamed, actually.

I was going to make button ornaments and even adorn him with painted pistachio shells! 

The crafting bug kinda makes one delusional.

I made some homemade "mod podge" to get down to business decoupaging ornaments. Various skeins of yarn appeared on the scene, just in case.

Cranberries were strung individually; and the popcorn garland was continually under attack by Kitty Baby. 

It was quite a day.

Eventually, the button ornaments seemed unnecessary and the pistachio project was scrapped. The decoupaged ornaments were OK, but overkill for this little tree, I decided.

After a full day of painting, gluing, decoupaging and stringing, this is what I ended up with:

I did decoupage some blue gingham to a paper plate and snipped a star for the topper. I ripped some country-style fabric and tied it to branches here and there. It's like the tree is wearing rag curlers.

Less is more. 

And it's for the best.

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