Thursday, January 10, 2013

Never too old to color

When I was a kid, a fresh box of crayons was the best thing EVER. A new coloring book sent me over the moon. 

I remember one mom in our neighborhood kept her kids' coloring stuff on a high shelf in the coat closet. I thought she was so mean.

I grew a bit older and would look for excuses to color. We're having a visitor? With children? 

Whoo baby, I'll get the crayons.

When my own kids were younger, coloring was our go-to activity. I loved rainy days, because they most assuredly guaranteed a coloring-fest.

As I was buying goodies for a slumber party many years ago, I picked up some crayons and a sweet coloring book; because you know, girls (and boys) love to color. 

No matter how old they are.

And I was right. Amidst the giggles and whispers, the girls flocked to those new coloring supplies.

Did my heart good.

"Hey, I know what let's do," I'll say to my grandchildren. My face will be eager with anticipation. The kids won't be able to reject such a hopeful soul. 

And another generation will experience the joy.

But why wait? Crayons aren't labeled, "For use only under supervision of a child." 

Age doesn't apply here.

Keep on coloring!


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  1. LOL i love this! a fresh box of crayons is so exciting! i use to group mine all by color! ah. memories!

    i still can't color in the lines though. i guess i need more practice :)

    1. Coloring outside the lines must be a sign of genius! Keep on coloring, Trish!! Have a lovely day!