Thursday, January 3, 2013

Stop yelling at me, world!

Our homes are how we make them. How we shape them. 

I put the brakes on letting news shows attempt influence over my feelings. It's like they are constantly yelling into my living room, "You should be really scared of this!!" Stop it, news shows! Sure I want to know the gist of what's going on around me. But after a bit...

I turn it off.

So often I find I'm the only one in the room after someone has left the TV blaring. Some game show blasts. They yell and shout and glimmer and "bing" and "bong" and are generally obnoxious. (Sorry, Little Weirdo).

I turn it off.

Or what's worse, in my opinion, are sitcoms seemingly written by adolescent boys in the locker room. Seriously, I could write those shows--if I wanted to be crude. It's not like I'm all that offended. It's more about being sad over our degeneration as a civilization. Money spent on those laugh tracks is well spent; because insulting the intelligence of an audience is not funny.

I turn it off.

Oh, but what fills my home instead of the downer news stories, obnoxious game shows and asinine sitcoms?

Classical guitar music. Ahhh.

Ottmar Liebert and Andrés Segovia. They scoop my heart away.

And all is right and peaceful in my little world.

What makes your home sing?

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