Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Super-duper awesome secret

I know, I know. The last few posts have been fairly lame. Sorry about that.

Oh, but look out for 2013!

There is so much in the planning stages. Busy, busy! *giggle*

I've got a super-duper awesome idea which will test the limits of my skills. It will be a challenge for sure.

And...I've never seen this idea anywhere else.

It's original.





Secret (for now)

And kinda weird.

It will probably launch around March or so. Earlier if I can swing it, but there is a lot of background work to be tackled first.

I'm so giddy!

This blog will continue to run as usual. There will be projects of thrift, practicality and fun here. 

I'll be crankin' up the volume (so to speak).

Just know that even more super-duper awesome stuff is on the way!!

Hee Hee.

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