Sunday, February 3, 2013

My Superb Owl Contribution

I see that #Superb Owl is trending right now. Ha. Love it.

Here is my contribution. It is from an article I wrote a while back about a local owl who was hit by a fire truck (the firemen say the owl hit them...ha). 

The owl was rehabilitated and finally set free.

Here is the article and video link:

Recovered Owl Set Free

Happy Superb Owl Sunday!

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  1. i don't get it! i feel like i'm missing something big and grand here!
    thanks for linking up yesterday :)

    trish @ tales from ... 

  2. Trish: Superb Owl was trending on twitter yesterday during "that one football game." But people kept linking up posts and photos about owls. I remembered this post from a long time ago. I just liked the rearranged letters of such "big deal event"...'cause I'm not really a sports fan. :) And the story of the owl was cool. It's a shame he had to get injured, but he was rehabilitated and set free into the wild! Have a great day!