Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Kitty Baby loves a good squirrel jam

Our backyard squirrels have gotten themselves into quite a jam, and Kitty Baby is loving every minute of it! 

What did you think "squirrel jam" meant?

Anyway, it seems the squirrels have chewed their way through the siding on our chimney. They now reside in the space between our fireplace and the outside wall.

Kitty Baby: "I think I hear something."

I called some wildlife rescue places. 

Solution #1: When the squirrels leave for work, board up their entryway.
Solution #2: Set a trap. This would mean dead squirrels. $100
Solution #3: Offer them a relocation package. $150 + $90 per additional squirrel.

I have chosen Solution #3.

The squirrels will be caught in live traps and then chauffeured miles from my house to a park-like setting which offers amenities such as: squirrel bingo, dancing, barking contests and lots of uninhibited tail twitching.

Mr. Cool: "What's that noise?"
Kitty Baby: "You hear it, too? Oh good. I thought I was weirding off."

Kitty Baby: "Are you going to handle this...or am I?"

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  1. Squirrel stew is pretty good... :) Of course, it depends on your state and time of year. Some squirrels have seasons and others don't. Good luck with the relocation effort!

    1. Allyson: I tried squirrel when I was a kid. It really did taste like chicken. Thanks for commenting. Have a lovely day!!