Friday, March 15, 2013

Mom, I got gum on my pants

Yep, gum on his pants. He knelt down on some and really imbedded it within the fabric fibers. 

Thanks for a fresh challenge, son!

Instinctively, I slathered some peanut butter onto the spot and rubbed it in.
Nothing budged. 

Then I remembered something about ice hardening gum, allowing it to be scraped from fabric. I put some cubes on top and waited about 20 minutes.

After scraping with a knife and not much fuss at all, the gum was gone.

Worked like a charm! 

I don't know if the peanut butter helped or if I could have skipped it.

But I do know that a day without gum on your pants is a good day, indeed.
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  1. I'll remember this if I ever have to remove gum from clothing. I've also heard that lemon essential oil will work, though I have not had a need to try it yet. Thanks for posting!

    Kaylie from

    1. Thanks for the lemon essential oil tip! Have a great day!