Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Old loaf pans three ways

Out of a stack of quite a few loaf pans, I only have two good ones. The rest have holes or are exceptionally rusted.

No problem. I just found other ways to use them.

Use #1: 

Forks and spoons holders.

The silverware drawer in the kitchen was ALWAYS busy with people grabbing forks and spoons. (Imagine that.) 

I would often turn from the stove quickly to grab a spoon, only to run smack into someone's back as they rummaged through the drawer. Aaack!!

My son gave me a silverware set for Christmas a couple years ago, so I was able to set up our serving station in the part of the kitchen where hungry people need to be--the dining part. 

Stay out of the cooking area, will ya?

Anyway, no big whoop, but here is our humble serving station:

I use the Dr. Seuss method for stacking dishes. :)

Use #2:

Medicines and first aid organizer.

Our home pharmacy actually requires three loaf pans. That stuff is everywhere!

Use #3:

Seeds organizer.

This time of year, I'm especially glad to have all our seeds in one place!

These ideas are really just ways to use crummy pans to organize stuff. I could see these being helpful in kids' rooms or the garage or the bathroom!

In addition to organizing, I envision little ones using loaf pans as "skates" and scuffling around the house. My kids are too old for this only because their feet are too big. Maturity doesn't apply.

Do you use goofy things to get things done, too? 

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