Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Is that a royal "we?"

Is that a royal "we?" -- A sassy kid may have snapped this comeback at his mother after she suggested "we" clean the garage or perform some other undesirable chore. 

Also known as a Victorian "we," the royal "we" is sometimes used by high-ranking or majestic folks as they refer to their single selves in plural form.

"We don't care for bubble bath without gold flakes," said the prince. 

Pretty high brow stuff.

I don't worry about my kids mouthing off like that. It's not because they are so well-disciplined. They've just never heard the expression. 

I mourn the death of such sayings and feel that "we" have an obligation to bring them back!

I know what you're thinking...go ahead, say it...

"What? You got a mouse in your pocket?"



  1. My Mum uses the word 'we' quite a lot - as in 'we' were doing the blog, she's had many people ask you and who? Well, me of course she tells them - that causes a raised eyebrow or too from people outside the pet blogging world! :)

    Have fun (all of you)

    Your pal Snoopy (and Mum)

    1. Your mum has a Snoopy in her pocket!! Haha. You wouldn't fit, but I'm sure you'd give it a try. :)