Tuesday, July 23, 2013

You wouldn't be so trusting, either

Babs has really been through it. Unfortunately, her story is not unusual.

Before Mr. Cool and Little Weirdo were born, we had a yellow Labrador named Yeager. Yeager was the nemesis of many people and dolls. I was heartbroken when Yeager destroyed my childhood Raggedy Ann doll. The carnage was sickening.

Then there were others.

Yeager had a thing for doll hands. See what I mean:

No one was safe from Yeager's rampages.

Yeager bit right through the heart-shaped "I Love You" necklace on this sweetie:

 And then this:

Some of Yeager's victims are forgiving souls and continue to smile sweetly.

Babs, though, experienced a growing hatred of dogs. And the world. She started listening to music with inappropriate lyrics and took up spitting. 

I told the kids they couldn't hang around her anymore.

Babs told Mr. Cool he should be ashamed to be a dog:
So he became ashamed:

Just one more victim of Yeager's spree of violence.

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