Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Reunion with a chicken

I hung this chicken decoration on our swing set almost a year ago. He used to have a spirally thing at the bottom which would twirl in the breeze. 

Alas, the wind stole him from me. 

I figured he was twirling for another family now and I would never see him again. 

While outside with Mr. Cool, I noticed bits of red and yellow peeking from under some wet leaves. 

It was my chicken! 

The spirally part is gone, but chicken is still in good shape. 

I'll give him a bath and some chicken feed. 

He must have had a rough time of it outside in the elements.

Oh no! 

"Always look both ways, chicken!"

Life indoors isn't looking much brighter: 



  1. lol your blog makes me laugh.
    i'm glad you found your chicken.
    dog doesn't seem to happy that he/she has to compete with it tho. i like to run over my enemies too :)

  2. Thanks Trish! With dogs, you always know where you stand. :)