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Staying home--the human aspect

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To those who can handle the super-person lifestyle:


Alas, I am NOT one of those people. 

In my humble series on staying home, I continue here with the human aspect of it all.

Here are some human-y reasons I love staying home: 
  • I can nurture like mad.
    "Nuture. Nuture. Nuture." That's what I always say.
    Some might respond, "Yeave me ayone." (that's toddler speak)
  • My husband works his job and I work here. His relaxation time is in one big lump when he gets home; whereas, my relaxation times come sprinkled throughout the day. We each get enough down time.
  • His day off is my day off. I can be ready for fun in the sun! Or cleaning the garage. Whatever.
  • Everyone is coming and going, but there is always someone to come home to. I keep their seats warm.
  • Daycare is not a necessity when a parent is at home, of course.
  • Along the same lines, though, while older kids ARE able to take care of themselves here and there, don't underestimate the value of a parent at home when they are teens. Not only does this eliminate the "idle hands" situation, but teen problems surface at all times of the day. These issues are not usually polite enough to wait until after working hours.
  • Spontaneity. And not the good kind. Just as soon as your mind begins to ponder about someone's realize you need to find a bucket. And fast. Wouldn't want to miss that! Seriously, though--I don't have to suffer through a boss giving me a hard time for taking care of sick kids.
  • And snow days. No worries about calling off work for these, either.
  • I can keep up with extended family and friends. Doesn't it feel horrible to realize that someone you love just went through some ordeal, but you didn't know about it?
  • We can host parties and get-togethers. If I were working outside the home, this would never happen.
  • I was available for Mr. Cool in his time of need.
  • We can be more neighborly. (thus teaching the kids to be neighborly)
  • We can volunteer. (thus teaching the kids to volunteer)
  • We can become active in a cause. (thus teaching the kids to stand up for what's right)
  • We eat a more wholesome diet, because our meals are planned better. This also includes taking lunches to school instead of buying them in the cafeteria.
  • I can consider what gifts to give people for birthdays and holidays and set about searching for a good price...or crafting them myself.
  • I can pursue my stuff: guitar, art, baking, writing.
  • I have time to cuddle kitties and dogs, too!
When I worked outside the home, I used to visualize our life as teetering on an upside-down icicle. Nothing could go wrong or the whole deal would crumble.

This is better. 

I realize a lot of people wish to stay home and simply can't afford it. It was the same for me for many years. 

Maybe it is possible for you and you don't realize it. 

Next up--Let's crunch some numbers!

Stay tuned for:
Staying home--budgeting in detail
Staying home--home-based businesses
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